Requirements of Dhammayut Order in the U.S.A.




Verification in detail of the duties, responsibilities and management of the Dhammayut Order in the U.S.A. (or DOUSA) for the new construction of Dhammayut Temple in the USA.

With authorities to establish miles, regulations, requirement and enforcement of the Dhammayut Order in the U.S.A. in the year of 1991, section 2, item 1..; the 19th meeting of Dhammayut Order in the U.S.A.’s committees and members on June 2, 2003 came to the conclusion to declare the followings:

Item 1: This declaration is “Dhammayut Order in the U.S.A. ‘s rules, regulations, requirements and guidelines for a new construction of the Dhammayut temple 2003″.

Item 2 : This declaration is affective as of June 23, 2003.

Item 3: Permission to construct a new Dhammayut temple must follow the rules, regulations requirements and guidelines of the followings:

  • 3.1. The new temple must be located at least 45 miles radius from any existing Dhammayut temple. Exception only, if there is a high density of Buddhists living in that location; the decision will be considered by the committees of the Board of Management of DOUSA. 
  • 3.2. Any one or any entity wanting to build a new Dhammayut temple should send a detailed proposal in writing including a request to be member to DOUSA, for permission, suggestions and an opinion.
  • 3.3. The new Dhammayut temple shall get the permission from the Board of Management of DOUSA before starting construction.

Item 4: Any temple that wants to be a member of DOUSA shall have the following qualifications:

Item 5: If the new temple cannot provide all of the requirements of Item 4 above, the new temple will agree and consent to be under the control of DOUSA until meeting al of the requirements as stated above as a certified member of DOUSA.

Item 6: Any part of this declaration that is not quite clear, understood or the necessary thing might be happened and needs change from rules, regulations and guidelines above, during the process of forming the new Dhammayut temple; should be question and report at once to the Board of Directors of the DOUSA, for further advice and consideration.

Note: This Declaration was issued on June 22, 2003.

Pra Amaramuni, President of Dhammayut Order in the U.S.A. (DOUSA), 2003

SUGGESTION: BY Pra Rajsiddhimoli for the new Dammayut temple should prepare the following further information that might be required by IRS:-

1). Daily Schedule of the new temple.

2). Photo pictures inside and outside related with Buddhist activities of the new temple.

3). The new temple should consult with attorney and accountant, CPA: for “Federal Tax Exemption” before submitting the application.

4). DOUSA’s requirement, the abbot must have 5 (five) years of practicing for five years of the Buddhist Missionary monk, all monks must have a certificate of the Advanced Level’s Course and a certificate of The Going Abroad Buddhist Missionary Monks Course.

Other: Property Tax Exemption can be applied for, at the County Taxation and State Department of Taxation, where the new temple is located. Please see the guidelines suggestion for answer the question of application from the book “To Build the Buddhist Temple in the U.S.A.”. It will be printed and issued at the end of 2009 by Pra Rajsiddhimoli. Call directly to reserve this book at (404) 284-2416