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Here are some resources you may find useful as you deepen your Theravadan Forest Buddhist exploration and practice.

Access To Insight This website contains many of the Buddha’s teachings translated into English. It also contains prominent modern monks’ writings, biographies of influential forest monks, and many other features.

Forest Dhamma This website contains the writings of additional forest monks translated to many languages. Also audio books.

Sutta Meditation Series This YouTube channel is available also as a podcast. Learn to meditate on the Buddha’s words to deepen your practice. English.

Ajahn Chah Dhamma Talks A prominent 20th-century forest monk who promoted the spread of Theravada Buddhism in the West, 67 of Ajahn Chah’s dhamma talks were translated into English and recorded here.

BBC Documentary on the Life of the Buddha in English.

Thus Have I Heard animated life of the Buddha in English.

Chant in English and Pali with Forest monks from Buddha Bodhivana Monastery. Look at the description of each video for downloadable chanting books.