Recognizing Exceptional Dedication to the Success of SFM


Recognizing Exceptional Dedication to the Success of SFM

A group of devotees got together and worked tirelessly during the past few weeks under the leadership of Khun Nim (คุณนิ่ม – Naruemon Shipley) with the goal of supporting SFM.  Let us not forget that Khun Nim had a very difficult long few months taking care of her beloved ailing husband who eventually passed away.  With all that back in her mind, she decided to organize a multifaceted fundraising activity at her residence for the benefit of SFM.  In her property, she organized a huge yard sale and provided Thai food for sale with her friends.  I’m really astonished by the originality of her initiative.  As I have known for over 30 years, the Thai community — the most generous and reassuring folks — flocked around to support her noble efforts.  To name a few:

  • Khun  Parn (คุณปาน) donated so many household items for the yard sale.  Too numerous to mention but others also gave items and the sales resulted in $1,862 of contribution to SFM funds.
  • Not to be outdone, Khun Thassanee (ทัศนี), Khun Sang (คุณแสง), Khun Toi (คุณต้อย), and Khun Doogmai  (คุณดอกไม้) prepared delicious (of course authentic) Thai food for sale – $1,320.  They made themselves available to serve food.  We also want to appreciate food provided by restaurants, Drunken Poet, Infuzions, and JP & I.   Khun Nim’s property was large enough for setting up tables/chairs and parking; Khun Nim’s compassionate heart was large enough to make her property available for the event.  They generated $5,418 for the weekends of March 20th, 21st, and 27th. Dr. Kik was kind enough to make a significant contribution to make it a round number!
  • I will be remised if I failed to mention Nim’s sister, Chailai (ไฉไล) who was ‘behind the scene supporter’ for all these activities.  I also want to thank all other generous volunteers, too many to mention by name.
  • I hope you will excuse me if I failed to recognize anyone else.  I know all of you do this through your authentic generosity, not for recognition.

We all came to this world for a short ‘stopover’ during our long Samasaric journey.  It’s the Buddhist philosophy that we leave this world a better – more peaceful –place than we inherited.  Our journey to Ultimate Liberation starts and continues with compassion, morality, and generosity.  All you did over the past few weeks certainly will help shorten that arduous journey.

Thank you all!  May all of you attain Nibbana!!

With Metta,

Wick Wickramanayake

VP, SFM Board

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