Thank You Bhante Thiep


As the Buddha teaches, the first mark of conditioned existence is “annica”, or “unsure”, “unstable”, “everything changes”. To want things to stay the same always, to never change, leads us to suffer. With this truth in mind, we have received Bhante Thiep’s announcement that he plans to leave Sarasota Forest Monastery at the end of June this year (2022). As the community prepares for this change, the lay community of SFM expresses deep appreciation for Bhante’s generosity over the years. He has gained great merit in his selfless giving to our young community, and we wish him continued blessings.

Bhante Thiep
Bhante Thiep and Luang Por Kham

Bhante Thiep leaves us on Monday, July 4. May Bhante travel safely, may his needs be met with ease, and may he arrive at his new home well and happy.